10 Delicious Facts about Chinese New Year

If you’re still in the mood for a celebration that’s even better than New Year’s Eve, you’re in luck, as   …Continue Reading

Eat out eat well Gold

Get Healthy with Hakka

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The Five Best Stress-Free Hakka Meals Before Christmas

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Eat out eat well Gold

Eat Out Eat Well

The Eat Out, Eat Well! Award was developed to reward caterers throughout Sussex who have shown significant initiative and creativity   …Continue Reading

A wok

A brief history of the Wok…

The wok is a versatile, round bottom pan originating from China’s Han-era (206 B.C.E. – 220 C.E.), traditionally used to roast tea   …Continue Reading

Udon Noodle Soup

Ooodles of Noodles…

At Hakka we serve three types of noodles; (1) thin egg noodle (commonly known as “chow mein”; (2) Udon and (3) Ho Fun.   …Continue Reading


Wishing Good Fortune for 2015

Chinese New Year falls on Thursday 19th February, it is the year of the Goat. Those who are born in   …Continue Reading


It’s Quacklingly Good

Crispy Peking Duck originates from Northern China, Beijing. The origins of the dish date back 600 hundred years during the   …Continue Reading