The Five Best Stress-Free Hakka Meals Before Christmas

Can you believe there are only five days left until Christmas? Obviously there’s lots to look forward to – spending time with our loved ones, presents, ugly Christmas jumpers… But if there is something that can truly stress us out on the biggest holiday of the year it’s the meal. Yep, let’s face it, there’s a good chance that turkey and all those veggies will make it or break it – the pressure is on! And whilst here at Hakka we would love to help all our lovely customers as much as possible on Christmas day, we too will be wrestling away with turkeys and sprouts. But fear not! What we can offer you is as little stress as possible during the Christmas build up – why not save all your energy for the 25th and treat yourself to some of our fabulous takeaway meals this week? Here are 5 stress-free Hakka meals before Christmas that will make your pre-Christmas life a lot easier and tastier!

  1. Hakka Roast Duck – Before you get your hands on that turkey, why not indulge in another succulent bird… our delicious Hakka roast duck is cooked in some sweet soy sauce and layered in pak choi.
  2. Hakka Style Ribs – Perfect for those who won’t be indulging in red meat during X-mas, our signature crispy ribs are served with lychee, onions and peppers. Now that’s what you call Red Hot.
  3. King Prawn Balls – Served with a pot of sweet and sour sauce, these battered prawn balls are as tasty as they are hassle-free. A true stress-free winner.
  4. Hakka Rice – Rice is one of the best comfort foods out there, especially when it has the Hakka touch! It features free-range fried egg with stir fried mixed meat, king prawns, seasonal vegetables and cashew nuts in an oyster soy sauce.
  5. Mushroom Fu Young – Fancy going veggie before it’s turkey time? Why not treat yourself to this delicious free-range egg omelette with peas and onions.

And when Christmas comes, just remember to stay cool, have fun and not let the meal get the best of you… Because the good news is that Hakka will be open on Christmas Eve!

Hakka wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! X


by the Hakka resident blogger, Vanessa Zaree

A wok

A brief history of the Wok…

The wok is a versatile, round bottom pan originating from China’s Han-era (206 B.C.E. – 220 C.E.), traditionally used to roast tea and dry out vegetables and meats. Since then, its function has changed numerous times and now is now synonymous with stir-frying, owing its origin to the imperial cooks of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

To stir-fry requires adding cold oil to a very hot wok; this cooks the ingredients instantly, sealing in the flavour, nutrition and colour. Stir-frying was first introduced in the west by the migration of Chinese people to America, as a means to produce delicious and nutritional meals which complemented their busy lives.

When dishes are cooked with a wok it has a unique aroma and flavour, which Chinese refer to as 鑊氣”wok-air”, this distinctive aroma is what makes stir-fries so delicious and fragrant, something that cannot be replicated in a traditional pan.

This term can be more poetically termed as, the “breath of the wok”. The word “Stir-Fry” is commonly pronounced as “chǎo”, for example this word can be added in front of a certain ingredient, such as rice, hence the popular dish “fried rice”. However, “chǎo”, should not be used in the context of deep frying food as this word is a different word altogether in the Chinese language.

At Hakka, our customers can experience the flavours of the East through our extensive use of the wok; our noodles, fried rice and main dishes are all created through the use of this ancient cooking technique – we hope all our customers can get a true sense of the “woks breath”!!!