Eat out eat well Gold

Eat Out Eat Well

The Eat Out, Eat Well! Award was developed to reward caterers throughout Sussex who have shown significant initiative and creativity in designing dishes which increase the variety of healthy choices for customers choosing to eat out. Businesses are categorised and awarded one of the three honours: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Hakka was recommended to take part in the scheme after receiving a 5 hygiene rating, and we are very proud to announce that we were awarded the EOEW Gold certificate in April.

Within the Arun district area, only a small handful of establishments have been awarded such accolades; you can find our listing by visiting this website:

At Hakka, we are working hard to change perceptions and attitudes surrounding Chinese cuisine. We have worked hard to source fresh seasonal produce, lean meats, free range eggs and have tailored our menu to contain lower quantities of salt, MSG and oil than our competitors – whilst only using low-saturated fat containing vegetable or rapeseed oils to cook our dishes.

Gone are the days of greasy, salty, MSG-loaded Chinese food. At Hakka, we pride ourselves in doing things differently and it is safe to say we are the first and only Chinese takeaway business in Sussex to offer such healthier options.

Why not try a variety of highly nutritional dishes to compliment your meal – Steamed Coconut Rice; Hakka Roast Duck; Silk Tofu; Chicken and Ho Fun Noodle Soup and a large variety of vegetarian dishes, which are bursting with oriental flavour.

Soon, we will unveil our new menu highlighting dishes, which are particularly nutritional – so keep a look out! We look forward to pushing the boundaries in Chinese cuisine and will continue to offer our customers delicious meals as part of a nutritionally balanced diet!